Cannabis Hut - Birchmount

Cannabis Hut - Birchmount

Scarborough, ON

COOKIES 4 Cultivar Pre-Roll Pack 4x0.5g

Strain rating:
THC 24.0%
CBD 1.0%
COOKIES 4 Cultivar Pre-Roll Pack 4x0.5g
Cannabis Hut - Birchmount
Open until 11pm ET
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About this product

This variety pack of pre-rolls provides the opportunity to discover four of the most revered Cookies strains. These expertly crafted pre-rolls feature Georgia Pie, GP20, LPC 75 and Pink Rozay. Georgia Pie is a hybrid that crosses Gelatti with Kush Mints 11. This strain has the aroma of peach cobbler and tastes like savoury baked fruit. GP20 is a legendary hybrid crossing Y-Griega and Snowman. This strain has robust gas notes and subtle hints of earthiness. LPC 75 is an indica dominant hybrid bred by crossing Sherbet with Nip OG. This strain packs a sweet berry and grape flavour accented by nutty lemon and citrus. Pink Rozay was bred by Cookies and is a cross between Lemonchello #10 and LPC #75. This strain showcases subtle floral and berry flavours with earthy herbaceous undertones.