Greener Grass Cannabis

Greener Grass Cannabis

St Catherines, ON

Sunset Sherb Live Resin Infused Pre-Roll 1x1g Resin

Strain rating:
THC 325.0mg
CBD 5.0mg
Sunset Sherb Live Resin Infused Pre-Roll 1x1g Resin
Greener Grass Cannabis
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About this product

Sunset Sherb Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls, an indica that’s overloaded with fruit-forward strawberry and guava aromas with an irresistible diesel undertone. Boasting 30-35% THC, this infused pre-roll uses high-quality ground Sherbet flower and then infused with Sherbet live resin for an intense, flavour-packed experience. We use a proprietary extraction process that uses fresh Sherbet flower that’s been flash-frozen at harvest to produce a live resin that is as true to the original plant as possible. The result is a live resin bursting with terpenes for a richer aroma and flavour. These resin infused pre-rolls are on another level with a smooth-smoking, convenient pre-roll and an amplified potency & flavour – an exciting new way to experience Sherbet flower.