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Truro Cannabis : True OG Pre-Roll (1 x 0.5g)

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Truro Cannabis : True OG Pre-Roll (1 x 0.5g)

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True OG Pre-Rolls from Truro Cannabis are produced from the premium whole flower of our popular True OG cultivar: a unique Indica-Dominant hybrid of True OG and Kush Mints 11 with a spicy, gassy profile with hints of citrus. Produced from whole buds (never trim) of our best-in-class batches of Truro True OG craft cultivar, we have refined our mixing and milling processes to mirror the quality and THC levels of our popular whole flower products for a best-in-class high THC pre-roll experience with consistent quality and flavour. Truro uses Canadian Lumber cones for their pre-rolls, which are all-natural, unrefined, and unbleached - allowing for a smooth and slow-burning experience. Every aspect of the cone is all-natural: the typical glue seal was replaced with an Arabic Gum Seal - triple distilled tree sap sources from a conflict-free region of West Africa.