THC Canada Cannabis (Main St)

THC Canada Cannabis (Main St)

Vancouver, BC

Crumbled Lime 0.5g - CRUMBLED LIME PRE-ROLLS - 0.5

Strain rating:
THC 27.0%
CBD 0.5%
Crumbled Lime 0.5g - CRUMBLED LIME PRE-ROLLS - 0.5

About this product

Get ready to pucker up, because Crumbled Lime is here to rock. 3Saints has once again delivered the goods with this powerful sativa-dominant strain as they continue giving you potency. Without sacrificing taste. This bud doesn't hold back. With a deliciously sweet and citrusy lemon-lime flavour that gradually turns into a sour lime as you take more hits; Crumbled Lime is a force to be reckoned with. The aroma is an invigorating blend of earthy lime and sweet citrus. If you're a fan of bold, in-your-face flavours, you're going to love Crumbled Lime. This bright cultivar is the result of crossing Citron Cokkies with Biker Kush, and the result is a strain that packs a serious punch.