THC Canada Cannabis (Main St)

THC Canada Cannabis (Main St)

Vancouver, BC

Zoap 3.5g - ZOAP 3.5g

Strain rating:
THC 28.0%
CBD 0.1%
Zoap 3.5g - ZOAP 3.5g
⅛ ounce
THC Canada Cannabis (Main St)
Open until 11pm PT
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About this product

Available for a limited time only. Zoap made waves in 2022 winning the California Zalympics Championships. It is an 50/50 hybrid cultivar appreciated for its aromatic profile and exotic flavour. With its earthy, fruity, and citrus notes, Zoap is dominant in Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Farnesene. It's a popular choice for its well-rounded qualities and smooth consumption.