$100 OG Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “hits you like a ton of bricks, i didnt even hit it but three times and completely forgot what i was doing, then ate two boxes of cereal”

  • “The real deal OG KUSH is not to be trifled with by armatures or wannabes. The high last for 3-4 hours EVERY TIME you smoke her and the effects are intense to say the least. Our grower is cool as heck and only focuses on this strain so he has the bud down to an art now. If you get the chance to smoke some DANK like this be sure NOT to pass it up. When grown right this is a SUPER HEAVY strain rivaling the strongest ...”

  • “Great results for chronic back pain and symptoms of PTSD”

  • “Smoked 1 joint with my BF when we visited CA, really nice feel.. at that time I had a major headache.. or may I say hangover.. 3 hits and the hangover was gone and I was in Wonderland. This made me so joyful, so carefree, so uplifted. Was hard to explain the high I got from this, I guess was sort of like a religious high when people see the light. Also the high lasted a long time. I don't smoke pot daily, about 3 ti...”

  • “Had a late night sesh with a couple of friends and this actually woke me up surprisingly enough. Makes you very creative, and brings on great euphoria. Lingers for a while too.”

  • “Great high, felt energetic and uplifted. Ate a whole box of pasta (5 servings) and was still hungry!”

  • “I acquired some of this strain from onyx and it was incredible. Very potent and smelly. Has a traditional og kush scent with a hint of pine. The leaves are hints of dark medium and light green tones. Very sparkly white trichomes that glisten and shimmer in the light. Great for my anxiety as well as my hand and back pain. Would be a great strain for right before bed or midafternoon. The high last about 40 mins or so b...”

  • sam

    “this is like somewhere”