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A-Dub Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very relaxing strain. Great body relaxation however not so heavy to the point where your couch locked. this is my top 3 best strains so far and is great for a beautiful sunset walk on the beach.”

  • “I fon't usually post, but this is some good shit! PTSD be gone with this stuff, wow. my head is a bit buzzed, my face feels tingly, and my eyes feel calm but not droopy. I also feel alert, yet calm. Not hyper-vigilant, no anxiety, and definitely have pain relief with this one. My mind also feels very clear and focused, but I am quite high; I feel in contro thoughl. After trying well over 30 or so different strains, t...”

  • “Yay! You added my picture to the strain!”

  • “No smell when smoking it. No smell whatsoever. Great mood, calming and overall pretty nice. Smooth all over high. Definitely try and see for yourself.”

  • “What can I say, I guess I could say that this is my favorite strain because of its stunning results. When I was on this kicker, I was absolutely jogging, I mean this was one of the greatest experiences of my life and one that I cannot wait to try again. It felt like a completely different ballgame in terms of taste, smoothness, and overall results. Just all round a very nice strain.”

  • “Lots of getting stuck in my own head but didn't zap all of my energy. I would use this on a day off. I cleaned all of my fish tanks but have been doing this for some time so pretty mindless busy work. If i went grocery shopping I'd probably wind up at Taco Bell though.”

  • “This strain overall, is a firm "meh." Although purportedly 33% THC, I can only assume the other traits, most notably CBNs (up, focused) and CBDs (calming, healing) have been weeded out... for lack of an actual scientific term. :) Genetically modified to elevate THC levels and remove seemingly ancillary traits? I really am a longtime noob, so my lingo. Ahem. The taste of it is also meh. 🤓 Cheers! 420 repre...”

  • “Surprisingly hard hitter, energizing in moderate dosage”