Afternoon Delight Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Amazing strain I currently cultivate, found some inaccuracies with leafly's overview so I wanted to clear it up from a growers perspective, afternoon delight is from Crockett family farms and the cross on this strain is Banana kush x Schrom x Tangie, it's a slightly sativa dominant strain with a very smooth smoke and a tropical citrus flavor with a hint of banana, if you come across this strain I highly recommend it.”

  • “A strain for the connoisseur. This strain stands out amongst the 250 strains that I have enjoyed over the years. Potent, intoxicating, narcotic. Truly, it engulfed my mind in a lucid, hypnotic trance that brought me to the edge of enlightenment and expanded my consciousness. I have been medicating for a long time. Loved this strain and the uplifting, though unfocused, euphoria it imbibed on my conscience-body. As far...”

  • “"And the thought of loving you is getting so exciting, Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight" you'll be singing sweet songs when you imbibe on this delightful strain. One of the few strains with a dominant apple flavor, this fruit forward dense flower is an indica dominant so be wary not to smoke too much in the afternoon unless you're looking for some serious couch time. Pine notes also dance on the nose with the...”

  • “Third best I've ever had. (First is tangerine dream, second is moui woui and third is this.) really strong, very floral and herbal smell (like dried rosemary) and the cerebral high is killer. You need a little more to get super fucked but it's really good.”

  • “The high lasts 4EVER! It really is a delightful for an entire afternoon. Try it if you get the chance.”

  • “Like being rocked to relaxation by Mother earth. It's sweet & relaxing when you exhale, like a literal breathe of fresh air. It also packs a heavy high, but not so much that you're couch locked or get the sweats.”

  • “Excellent strain, just make some room on your favorites list. Very potent, early onset coupled with latent effects. Taste good and smokes well”

  • “Smell- EXTREMELY potent. Definitely can't hide this one. Look- Very beautiful, dense, light green, large nugs. The second you grind it the aroma fills the room. Love it. It grinds extremely well. Not too fluffy and not too dense to where the grind is too fine. Perfect for rolling blunts with good airflow. Smoke- smooth but kicks ya, you should feel this right off the bat. Feel- This gives you an uplifted feel, l...”