Agent Orange Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “People always talk about taste and smell and shit on here, and that stuff is okay, but the REASON you smoke is for the high, so that's all I'm gonna talk about. Agent Orange, at least the one I got, is straight 50/50, and you feel that, too. You're thinking deep thoughts and laughing about it, all the while riding on a magic carpet ride that is your body. Great for dulling pain. This was the first thing I smoke...”

  • “Should have dropped this on Vietnam instead.”

  • “A slow, but exceedingly gentle come on. The opposite of paranoia/anxiety - in fact, it washes it away with a warm, comforting atmosphere. Vision is beaming, almost radiating...eyes feel completely dilated with an expansive field of view, but literally impossible to focus on anything. Brutally short attention span combined with everything not quite registering, results in a movie experience that feels like a roller co...”

  • “This is a classic 'stoner's high.' Hits pretty hard and has the euphoric/relaxed combo that you know and love. True hybrid in that it's not energy draining but won't have you bouncing off the walls either. Very happy and very relaxed high.”

  • “This is a really strong orange smelling strain. THis is one of my favorite when it comes to orange type of strains. The high is real nice . It will knock you out but you cant still manage to keep up with every day things. The buds where covered in orange hairs with cyrstals covering the nugs. IT was grown by BadAss Grass and sold by White Rabbite Cannabis. The THC level was just a little over 24 % and a CBD of ...”

  • “Smooth, citrusy, flavorful,amazing. AO had me completely uplifted, happy and full of energy! Completely reversed my seasonal depression and left me having great in depth conversations with my significant other who said she felt more of the euphoric, spacey feeling this strain is known for than I did. On the first hits of my preroll I noticed a near immediate analgesic numbing effect on my mouth and tongue. This seeme...”

  • “Agent Orange is great for a daytime smoke, upon first impression, the overwhelming orange citrus odor is very appealing. The flavor is equally intoxicating. I suffer extreme joint pain, and AO is fairly effective in regard to anti-inflammatory properties. On a personal experience, I feel that AO is equally proportionate in it's sativa vs. indica qualities. Hence making it an ideal hybrid, giving you the best of bot...”

  • “I got a half gram of Agent Orange concentrate from (Refine Seatte x Center St. Collective) and it is awesome! As soon as you exhale you get a slap in the face of straight ORANGE PEELS! The flavor is unbelievable almost, and it stays around on your tongue for several minutes after. The high is VERY euphoric, happy, and creative. It had me smiling at absolutely nothing several times! Which means this would be a GREAT s...”