Agent Tangie Reviews

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  • “agent tangie is my fuel! i take a fat rip of this dank sativa instead of a cup of coffee in the morning. classic and tasty :)”

  • “I love it, the only two pics are mine, I have plenty more but cant figure out y I can't post anymore? this has to be one of the most functional meds to use during the day, although I have had issues with half of some of these plants having two different tasting flowers on it, one is really skunky & tangerine tasting, while the other half of the same plant having a pepery spicy aroma an favor really kinda weird. But ...”

  • “One of my favorite sativa dominant hybrids! Perfect high for running errands and getting things done on my day off, and the taste is amazing!”

  • “This is a pic of my last run of indoor Agent Tangie. I love the tangerine skunkie aroma and taste, this pretty littleil lady, packs a huge punch. Really good for pain and daytime activities. The original Tangie had such a long finishing time that I had to think of a strain that wouldn't mess the Terpines up to far from the original Tangie, so I crossed it with AK-47= Agent Tangie! However,I may have only taken about ...”

  • “I've been cultivating this strain for three years now an ot just keeps getting better... Whish I vouldnpost some pics, I crossed this strain myself, so I've got a few other new strains I'm working on as we'll can't wait for my Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk x Tangie Power!!!!! Gonna be very interesting strain....”

  • “Love this strain,bit gonna cross it again with Skunk #1 and then cross that back with the original Tangie and see what happens. I'm sure it's gonna be a master piece. Tangie X AK-47 & back X it with Skunk #1, then back X once again with the original Tangie. Can't wait I'm excited, but it's gonna take some time. I will eventually get it done an post it on this awesome site. "I love you people at Leafly"!! Thanks for t...”

  • “The high was very mild, i haven't had it before but i decided to try more and the feeling was easy going. You weren't caught off guard by the high.”

  • “This strain is one of my favorites, except for the long budding period. The Smell is like no other medicine you'll ever smell and once you've smoked on this strain for a while it's hard to find another to obtain the same level of euphoria do to the abnormally high THC level, making this strain one for the record books in my opinion. I crossed Tangie with AK-47 and this is what I got and I really like the Straight tas...”