Alien Abduction Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • Ghf

    “Nice strain. Not as potent as I thought it would be based on its genetics. It is smooth and not harsh. Earthy, among other distinct tastes. The smell is nice and unique but has no real OG smell which I thought was kind of surprising. This is the hairiest strain I have since other than Flo. Covered in long orangish hairs. Mellow stress reducing effects. Not really a melt your face of deal. I won't fully judge it unti...”

  • “Bro I Ate My Cat On This Shit. And I Lost My Black Child.”

  • “Hella good strain, the smell is out of this world and it looks tight. Not to mention the top notch high. 10/10 would burn down again”

  • “I grew this from a clone and tried it last night. It hit me hard, gave me interesting dreams, and knocked me out all night. Just what I was looking for!”

  • “Smells and looks really good! straight put you to sleep. good strain . wish it taste like it smelled”

  • “Smoke only if you want to feel like Ripley. Should be called Sciscohands.”