Alien Hallucination Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow! I wasn't expecting for once since I've been a patient for the name to actually do what it's supposed to do. This strain is a must keep, must have, & forever enjoy experience. Great Job To H4L, East Mesa Location, AZ. By the way it took me ten minutes & auto correct to do this message.”

  • “Do you know how on movies and TV whenever someone smokes weed they start hallucinating? We all know that's not true, but if you could have a strain that gives you that feeling, it would be this beautiful bud.”

  • “Dense Christmas tree style flowers. Smooth smoking.Excellent flavor and aroma. Heady, but not overpowering.”

  • “I always thought Blue Dream was favorite strain... Not anymore! Super dense buds that will leave your fingers feeling as is they're covered in glue. Head-lifting highs that create for the most wonderful music listening experience. Brings you back to where it all began. Don't undermine the indica in this herb either. 50 minutes post-vaping (highly recommend) body felt like the most amazing beanbag you've ever sat on!...”

  • “One of my all time favorites, in just a few hits you transcend into cerebral and amazing high. I just picked up some today in fact! If you see it GET IT!”

  • “This is my favorite strain and I always get it when I find it. The effects are very euphoric, creative and uplifting but it doesn't make me anxious. Plus, it smells like Skittles.”

  • “looked great, tasted great but the high was lacking, reminded me of gold extracts high in thc low in terps giving a clean light high that lacks complexity, complexity and ummph. decent weed to smoke before work or class, just chill feeling.”

  • “Fantastically Awesome!!! 😜👏🎉😎”