Alien Sour Apple Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It's very euphoric strain that is very great when you just want a good time.”

  • “Tasty, Delicious Would Smoke Again!”

  • “using a vaporizer, the flavor is amazing.”

  • “Not as good for PAIN-is Hindu Kush hybrids but, (only downside!) )if you're looking for something to give you a Perfect BODY/MENTAL HI , as well as set you up for euphoric mental Wonderland flight you got tickets first class YO!) (Seriously Love this strain, Mental focus is sharp but cool at the same time....' TASTE: FACTORS IN OUTSTANDING, First thing came to mind was a sour Apple jolly rancher' Just a faint tropi...”

  • “Tastes amazing, good for smoking with friends, would definitely smoke again.”

  • “it a strong sativa”

  • “Alien Sour Apple sounded like a mutt bud to me. When i first saw it i noticed it looked very healthy, with nice floral/fruity smell. sativa nugs, the hairs were yellow/pink, very nice to look at. The flavor was pretty nice, exhale and you get a taste of sweet fruityness with a slight sour apple finish. The high oddly enough lifts you like a sativa, only to drop you on your head about 45mins in and leave you in slug m...”

  • “The sativa in this hybrid shines through, the indica influences are subtle. You can 100% taste both parents of this strain. There is a bit of a drop off at the end, but that's the only complaint.”