Ambrosia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I really liked the way this strain smelled. really fruity and sweet. I smoked two bongs between me and my housemate and we just watched the sunset from our porch. Super happy high. Definitely made the stresses of the day slip away. Smashed a honey bun like nobodies business and now I can't feel my leg.”

  • “Tried this for the first time last night. Definitely a light high, not too overpowering. Played W.O.W. for a solid 4 hours and then went happily to sleep (after eating Lucky Charms, pizza and drinking about 2qts of water!) Good for mellowing out but won't induce couch lock...could probably have accomplished some more things if it weren't already 11pm when I started to smoke!”

  • “This bud gets a five star review just for how great it smells. Your nose won't ever bleed again ;) Amazing high that seems to be perfectly between sativa and indica. Imagine that dank strain that got stepped on by a T rex and went extinct. Idk tho.”

  • “ambrosia was advertised as an indica when I purchased it. it was recommended to me by a dispensary clerk who said it was great for anyone who liked cheese. This strain is very balanced and mild. I got no paranoia or couchlock with this strain, even with a few big bong-hits. Ambrosia is a great anytime strain as it doesn't give you a whole lot of energy and it doesn't really mellow you out too much either. it will g...”

  • “A wonderful hybrid with accent on the sativa side if things. Very pleasant, clearheaded, fun stone. Not as many profound insights & cosmic thinking as a good sativa, but also very little anxiety or paranoia.”

  • “Holy, that Hybrid kicks in just as a super silver haze kind of high, I am boosted every hit for 30 minutes, just perfect for work, after a nice buzzing stoned rides u through 2-5 hours, tho full energy, if you keep you just a little bit busy. Also at home for creativity perfect! So far my new fave strain for playing music:D Love P.S. A bong and a couch can also lead to a full 5 hour couchsesh”

  • “Liked this one a lot, found it quite woodsy and sticky. Smoked a couple times with great results, a pretty intense high, lasts a long time. Made me very energetic and happy, couldn't wipe the smile off my face, then slowly trails off into a lovely hazy state. However, I would be careful if you are prone to anxiety freak-outs, I smoked a LOT of this one night and had a bad time. That is my fault though, this is a wond...”

  • “Gave me an aroused, compete thought and relaxed mood all at the same time”