Apollo 13 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wowza!!! A+++ strain. Made me feel uplifted, giggly, happy, and also super relaxed.... Felt like I was super high on my way to space. Amazing strain everyone should try!”

  • “Great daytime buzz. Got me motivated and active, I ended up doing laundry and other chores. Great clean and clear head buzz, very tasty!”

  • “Why is it called Apollo 13? Because we'll all go to space, but some of us might not make it back! Apollo 13 is probably my all time favorite strain, possibly just because of the space jokes and puns that were made while enjoying it. Calling a home made bong the "shuttle" and travelling through time, Apollo 13 will definitely blast you off into an unforgettable adventure, or just lead you to the fridge.”

  • “I got this and the purple girl scout cookies and I enjoyed this strain much more then the purple cookies it was a much stronger and more flavorful effect.”

  • “I smoked so much I jumped down a hill thought I was a astronaut”

  • “A13 gives me energy and leaves me clear minded, giggly, talkative, uplifted, euphoric and overall happy. This strain has a great citrus, earthy flavor with a strong, slightly sweet smell. It's a perfect strain to use when you still want to be clear minded to talk to people, study/work and overall just get stuff done while still getting a strong sense of euphoria. Apollo 13 is my morning coffee, I love it.”

  • “Wow! Apollo 13 will take you to the moon. This medicine gives a very strong yet pleasant head high. My face had a permanent smile for a long while. It does not do much for pain though. And beware, if you're not used to smoking potent sativas, too much of Apollo 13 will get you a bit paranoid.”

  • “INTERGALACTIC PLANETARY FIERCENESS this was the first outing smoking this particular strain. i know it's technically a 'hybrid', but if so, then sativa was dom-topped by indica LOL ... to say i'm a light sleeper is the understatement of the centrury; insomnia has been the bane of my adult existence, and up until the time i first tried APOLLO 13, the only thing that remotely worked on my life of sans-sleep was zanex...”