Appalachia Reviews

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  • “Well this app does not have my strain so here's the most close to it. "Appalachian Thunderfuck"' ! We all have heard of Alaskan Thunderfuck , but personally I've never heard of this cross. The flowers I have are absolutely beautiful and are incredibly potent. You will be either incredibly lucky or a grower to run across this powerhouse . For sure sativa dominant but wow the indica side creeps up on you within 10 min....”

  • “This strain is PERFECT for helping with my Crohn's Disease. One bowl keeps me almost completely pain free all day and gives me an appetite when I have trouble eating. Definitely one to keep handy.”

  • “Have a note worthy strain that was breed using this one (Appalachia) as it's mother I believe: 'Frosted Prism' from the Green Solution; was crossed with Bubba Kush. Just took a dab of live resin about 5 minutes ago. The resin smells of dank waxy pugently sweet kush and has a nice solid texture. The taste was an earthy exhale followed by a hashy and piney flavor that settled on the tongue for a few seconds. The high ...”

  • “great hybrid stable genetics and good stone”

  • “Randy likey! A very functional, very head focused hybrid. I'm hungry!”

  • “Sunshine lolipops, and rainbows, with gummy bears.”

  • “Smoked two bowls before starting my day. Very dreamy. A little giggly.”

  • “I've experienced this wonderful strain in several Bodhi Seeds crosses, never by itself, but many phenotypes lean towards the Appalachia side and are a complete joy to grow and consume. Super potent and super frosted. The high is one of the best I've come across, leaning toward the sativa side.”