Ash Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great fruity smell, the high is a nice mix between the indica and sativa highs like the description said. The only thing is the dispensary I got it from said it was sativa dominant, but I guess it can depend on the seeds and the grow, but its great!”

  • “Good strain my buddy grew a few times. Makes for a good head high but didn't last that long.”

  • “Got hold of a fresh batch of ASH and instantly noticed that it didn't give off too much of a potent smell, which for me personally is a positive as I don't want my living quarters to smell. The bud I got was very dense, yet unfortunately sticky which made it difficult to grind up. The first puff I had was quite harsh as I began to become accustomed to it, and so could recognise the haze linage. As I continued to sm...”

  • “Yeah really dope shit! I had a Headbang for 1 day after smoking two gramms:)”

  • “An absolute favorite with its old grass clippings sage and mint smell these buds are leafy like g13xhaze, a rockin stoner indica that leaves me pleasent and happy all over! Its an absolute great blast from the past recommended for those who struggle with anorexia, massive pain, glaucoma and most importantly mood & pms disorders. I have a hard time just getting through the average day and even on good days I still fee...”

  • “It smells of all kinds of different fruits, and very leafy bud dark green and very medium thick branches can go many different ways nice colas! I could classify this as a very nice indica dominant strain great for night time use only you will feel tired and very relaxed not to mention lots of dry mouth. I've found it treats a wide range that can help everyone give it a try! Beware of its spacey features!”

  • “Out of the box very crystal like a fresh diamond it shines so bright. OG Kush looking bud wreaks of lemon lime reminds me of Lemon Thai Kush. Nice Pungent Flowery taste no skunk very fresh and small nuggets. Love it for its care free attitude and livening up your position where you are right now an absolute oldie but a goodie would recommend for anyone looking for a hard stony feel uplifting happy and motivation with...”

  • “Smells of citrus and very herbal spices somewhat of Haze smelling too. Leafy leaves and more like a tree branch this bud displays bud structure similar to G 13 Haze. The taste of this is very pungent and skunk like I would say bring a water bottle as you will get choked up on this strain it provides a very heavy body high and relaxes me nicely. It's good for fibromyalgia and allows me to breathe deeper so it's go...”