Atmosphere Reviews

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  • “absolutely bomb herb. I was recommend this strain by a different dispensary. I am so high right now it's retarded (no offense). HIGHly recommend this strain. The powers of White Widow and OG Kush are undeniable in this euphoric state of mind. Love it. Piney smell and flavor. Just smoked about a bowl and a half and I'm scared to stand up haha. So Cal Holistic...great stuff.”

  • “Literally felt like I was flying when I was riding in the car... All my senses came alive, heard music on a different level... Was watching finding dory and felt the seagrass swaying against my skin. Perfect for watching movies at night being able to crash after. But also wanting to try in the afternoon! So so great. New go-to for sure.”

  • “bro this Shit is on Fire. The High Sativa in this Shit is high. it calms you down slowly. it's not good for sleeping”

  • “At a 7. Extremely chill and relaxing. Can taste the spice really well.”

  • “Man o man. I can not say enough about this strain. I. AM. IN. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just taste, smell, THE LOOK OF IT. I must say, I have never seen SUCH pretty flowers. Then to top all of that off, the high is SUPERB! I just bought the last 3 grams or so of what they had left and I'm devastated... But now I know and will be keeping my eyes peeled as should you!”

  • “sounds awesome”

  • “one of the best strains”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains. Its a very relaxing and euphoric high. After a few min my entire body was relaxed, but I was still able to do small tasks, but they did take me a lot longer because I caught myself staring off into space!”