Atomic Goat Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is special! The only pic uploaded is the Atomic Goat I got from Smokey Mountain Express. Lime green frosty nugs. Opening my jar I get an amazing complex kind of fruity spice like smell. But wait till you put it in the Grinder the explosion of Sage and an amazing sweet smell. Vaping in My SSV is a pleasure with this strain Flavorful and this flower I got from SME was cured to perfection when i loose count ...”

  • “Great relaxing high with the clarity to go about my day. Very versatile. So nice and mellow. New this was a favorite the first time I took a rip.”

  • “A personal favorite! Great for daytime and evening medication, with a strong relaxing feeling but without the couch lock. Atomic Goat leaves me relaxed, calm and motivated to go about my days”

  • “good for a wake n bake and mid day pick me up.”

  • “Love it :) awesome flavor and aroma. I loaded a bowl hit it a fee times still a solid bud!! feeling relaxed and happy no pain”

  • “Some absolute fireeee. Good sativa energetic high for sure!”

  • “Some very good tasting weed and good high”

  • “Dabbed the Atomic Goat wax. It really emphasizes the heady rush and the smooth sweet flavor.”