Atomic Northern Lights Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my top 3 favorites. I tend to get paranoid with certain strains but this one has never let me down. It always makes me feel happier, more focused, more creative and uplifted. This strain gets you relaxed but energized at the same time so it's perfect for all occasions and can be smoked day or night.”

  • “I love it. Great high, great smell, awsome taste and an amazing high. Great to have sex while using. I recommend this strain to anyone.”

  • “Easy to grow. Took about 2 months for the milky trichomes to begin turning amber. Flushed it for about 1 week. Cured the crop for another week before sampling. Rolled a joint, took 2 hits, wife took one. Smell and taste was nothing special. As for the effect... WOW! It hits fast... took less than 5 minutes... yup, this is powerful stuff. I had a mild headache/migraine all day and that just disappeared. What is strang...”

  • “gave me a huge chubby”

  • “Got Me High And Agreed Great With Sex”

  • “Like everyone else said, it definitely increases your sex drive.”

  • “You won't need Viagra with this awesome strain.”

  • “I would definitely recommend this strain , especially if you have a cute smoking buddy. Seriously, ANL will get you horny as fuck! A good way to describe the feeling I got from it would be...snuggly. On an interesting note, though, I had a hard time deciding whether this was an indica or sativa dominant hybrid. A good hit had a hint of the hashy, heavy taste of indica, but it still had the fresh, piney, fruit...”