Birthday Cake Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • RLO

    “Smells like lemon cake with vanilla icing <3. Very relaxing, totally killed the pain I was having from stomach cramps. Great for winding down at the end of the day.”

  • “Let them puff Cake!!! The flavor is very sweet, with fruity tones. It's got some zing for a Indica dominant strain. I mostly smoke Indica dominant strains, and from time to time I come across one that really stands out and this is one of those strains. This beautiful girl will not give me couch lock instead a nice body high awaits, this bud can induce an active and creative mind making it great for daytime use. This...”

  • “'Wedding cake' is my most favorite strain EVER. I tried it on a chance. Gotten it 5 times since. I am in love with wedding cake! It's amazing FIRE”

  • “If you are buying the Lion Tree Farms version of Wedding Cake.... aka. Birthday Cake. You WILL <---- smell frosting, and TASTE a sweet sugary cake with a cloudy head/full body high. I dare you to try and go to work, or play video games on this stuff. It's intoxicating and difficult to stop smoking due to the stickiness and wonderful flavor profile. Weed snobs beware. This will quickly become your number 1 goto stra...”

  • “I love the effects of this strain. It wiped away my anxiety and depression and relaxed my body. The effects on the mind were pronounced but more indica like. I felt great but clear headed and functional even at high consumption levels. The taste is very reminiscent of GSC. But with a little more fruity of a flavor. Great if you have trouble sleeping or calming the mind. I’d buy again and again.”

  • “the buds I got were just covered in so many crystals ! after putting it in my grinder, I got a ton of kief from a small amount. it's a light and beautiful high with some body effects.”

  • “smoking is smooth/light. Reminds me of cherry pie. I'm able to function in public. gave me boost of energy,..I'd say it's more of a head high. I would smoke again but I wouldn't be looking for it either.”

  • “We found this as 'Wedding Cake Kush' and it was about as sweet and smooth as expected. Quickly becoming a household favorite.”