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Blissful Wizard Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My first time experience with "blissful Wizard." Although it's classified as a hybrid with 50% indica and 50% setiva, it's head-high happyness brought me to an energetic, social state where my anxiety was drained from my head and filled up with reason, understanding of my surroundings, willingness to learn, and a colorful insight. After inhaling the smoke I noticed a sweet, citrus flavor come on and it left a lemony ...”

  • “Hits you like a dab!! This stuff is soon potent so I recommend only Experienced smokers give this girl a whirl cause she sure packs quite the punch!! The smell itself will blow you away!! Not to mention the abundance of trichomes!!! Up at the top of my list!!”

  • “This strain was one of my favorites. Being stoned looking at the stars was amazing memories. Definitely 1 of my top 5s”

  • “very medicinal strain. I love the High CBD content helped with anxiety stress and depression.”

  • “Blissful Wizard is a god send. It reminds me of Blue Dream in it's cerebral indica leaning stone. I found myself relaxed, talking non-stop to my roommate, then endlessly watching YouTube dance videos for hours past my usual bedtime. You'll feel both blissful and wizardly. I promise. Shout out to ATG in Mass for this incredible, potent gem.”

  • “Best Bud of 2016 in my book. Makes you exactly what the name says, a blissful wizard. You can take the world on, nothing can stop you.”

  • “Relaxing but without the couch lock.”

  • “I was taking an anti-biotic that caused extreme nausea and upset stomach. I smoked a pre-rolled of B/W and my nausea immediately subsided. I LOVE this strain I am NOT surprised it won first place in the 2015 SoCal Cannibus Cup!!!”