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Blue Ivy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Comes on like a punch to the face. Feels like I walked into a wall face-first...I can feel the physical impact on my cheeks and forehead. Haha. Weird. Head is extremely floaty and fuzzed out. Stupefying stoniness, my hole body slumps in relaxation. There’s a permanent island of clarity in there somewhere that maintains 30% functionality. Can kind of focus and concentrate, but the ability drops off quickly and you hav...”

  • “Best strain hands down in any AV or Kern County Collective. Most of these reviews mentioned the strain making them sleepy and drowsy, however the Blue Ivy made me feel energetic and high spirited. It gave me the urge to want to clean my whole apartment, as well as gave me an appetite to eat 3 chili dogs immediately after. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Make sure you guys visit 661 medical. They are ...”

  • “Woohoo! Found my favorite strain! I caught myself laughing at nothing five minutes after smoking one small bowl. (I smoke ALOT so this was very surprising.) I felt super happy and on top of the world. Energized. Clear head high. Highly recommend!”

  • “The Blue Ivy is a winner! Made me feel like the very first time I every used mmj. Great Pickup THANKS 661 MEDICAL!”

  • “I have been a loyal patient with 661 for a while, and when they told me that they were getting media attention for their Blue Ivy strain, I was more than happy to write my thoughts on the new strain. The strain was pretty good compared to some of the other strains that Ive had from other local Kern County Dispensaries. The $55 donation is a bit steep for an 8th, but if you have that much to spare it is well worth it!...”

  • “Smells like Sour Diesel, which is my favorite smelling strain, I'd assume because of the OG Kush linage and the high is extremely heavy like OG Kush. Strongest strain I've had, heard the same from a dispensary owner. Took me almost an hour to smoke two bowls because I forgot what I was doing after the first and was just standing there thinking of what I was going to do next while lost in a continually chain of though...”

  • “Energetic and focused. I would rate this overall 4.6. The taste is sweet blueberry. There's also a calming, relaxed feel to this as well. I will need to get more of this!”

  • “Was recommended Blue Ivy by the guys at GTA.. Im impressed by the taste of this dank OG and very impressed by the great relief and body high. Thanks GTA”