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Bubble Gum Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Get up on this bubblegum, Cause it's bubble yum, All your depression, tell it bitch be bubble gone.”

  • “It numbs the body but not the mind. I felt focused, alert and creative. It does not make you sleepy. I did feel tingly like my muscles were being gently massaged. My lower back muscles get tight in knots and this really eased the pain by eliminating the spasms so I can get on with my day. I would recommend for daytime use.”

  • “Great taste. Like bubble gum. For real, like bubble gum. Not the strongest but holy shit, bubble gum y'all.”

  • “Looks: Like a forest green, lots of dark orange trichomes. Looks light and a little fluffy. Smell: Strain name is very accurate, it smells exactly like bubble gum. Very sweet strong, sweet scent. [9/10] Taste: To me it tastes earthy with a hint of sweet. Hits real smooth, too. [7.8/10] The sativa high is great, but not over-powering. It's a very creative, focused head-high. I completed an entire puzzle on i...”

  • “Just smoked a J of the bubble gum. I noticed alot of great crystallization in the trichomes. It actually has slight undertones and the smell of real bubbleicious bubble gum. The taste gets a bit harsher as you smoke the second half of the Joint. In Overall you get a nice stoney head high, especially feeling heavy on the eyes, with an Indica presence lingering in the back. The taste of bubble gum becomes weaker in the...”

  • “I purchased my "bubble gum" from a coffeeshop in noord Amsterdam and I was told it was a full indica and not a hybrid, so I'm not sure if it was 100% the same plant that is described here but boy oh boy do I love this one. Super relaxing body high and head high that leaves you in a giggly sleepy state, appetite was also greatly increased. I can see this strain being used for multiple health issues and mental health i...”

  • “I recovered from Phish tour by spending several hours a day for the entire month of August 1997 sitting on a stool at the Grey Area coffeeshop on Oude Leliestraat ripping tubes of the original double bubblegum with John and Steve. Good times. Interestingly it was named not for its flavor but because the breeder used to stick nugs under the bar like chewing gum to tip his bartender. :-)”

  • “Some flame.”