Citrus Sunshine Haze

Citrus Sunshine Haze

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Citrus Sunshine Haze by Cereal Killer Genetics is, as they describe it, “sunshine in a bag.” It was created by crossing Super Lemon Haze and Kosher Tangie #2. This genetic combination yields three distinct phenotypes ranging from 75/25 sativa-dominant to an even 50/50 split. All phenotypes share a magnificent citrus aroma that runs the gamut from lemon and lime candy, orange, and tangerine with a hint of herbaceous spice. With an average THC content of 28%, Citrus Sunshine Haze is not for the unseasoned consumer. This strain is a quality option when looking to combat depression, laziness, and mild pain while remaining upbeat.  

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Dry Mouth

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Parents of Citrus Sunshine Haze


  • 1. Orange
  • 2. Citrus
  • 3. Lemon

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“The citrus sunshine haze is moving it's way into one my favorite strains of all time. Being a long time smoker from my years in medical and now as a bud tender, I have been able to experience too many kinds of cannabis to name. This super lemony, sweet tangerine like bud has placed itself up there with the best of them. The effects are immediate and the onset rush of energy without the anxiety which was ever so pleas...”

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“Wow!! How great is this???? My new favorite right here. Everything about this is excellent. Just picked up an 8th and wish I splurged. Just had a bit and nothing negative. No anxiety just straight sunshine. Definitely a good strain for Bi-Polar and the like. As far as the bud itself it has a great fluffyness to it but still tight, Some nice orange hairs, Great odor (allergy season so I can't describe in detail lol)...”


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