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Cookies and Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Don't keep you stuck, you can function After hitting this potent blossom flower. I only smoke flower, this was by far one of My favorite plants. And I been smoking before some of you knew who Snoop Dogg was.”

  • “Officially my new favorite! Takes care of pain and nausea while keeping you alert and fully functioning. There's a euphoria that comes along with it too. It doesn't prevent me from sleeping like some other daytime strains which I love.”

  • “92 cookies and dream by culta. Baltimore, MD. 26-29% the and 2% terps so 28-31% pure medicine. among the best buds I have ever tasted via smoke or vape, totally delicious and energizing and uplifting, definitely a new fave strain. highly recommended daytime strain, but also okay at night due to pure thc content enough of this will knock anyone out. can absolutely feel the first hit. this was properly grown and flush...”

  • “Was sitting on some green crack for a while before I switched over to the dream cookies. I have to say it was a very nice change. Had a nice uplifted feeling for a while before gently relaxing into one of my favorite books for a bit... Then off to dream”

  • “Best experience with smoking weed thusfar. Very apparent in the head, yet relaxing in the body without couch-lock symptoms at all. Giggly waves were altered with hungry waves, but I've felt happy throughout the experience. What's more is that the next day, I was amazingly motivated to fix things around the house and I had a ton of energy as well. Highly recommended if you can get your hands on this spectacular stra...”

  • “Growing my own after popping a seed from dispensary strain”

  • “Definitely a good strain. I got mine in southern California from The Honor Roll Collective and was impressed! I only felt it mildly in my body but had a good head high, nice and euphoric. not my favorite variation of girlscout cookies but still great! this strain has a faint hint of blueberry and burned nicely but smoke production was a bit less than average with a bit more itch in your throat. I smoked it a few days...”

  • “Love this strain! It’s my go to right now. 👍”