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Flo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I've suffered from a seizure disorder for about ten years now. About a year ago, I stopped taking the pills they were feeding me and got my Medical Marihuana Card. The majority of the cannabis that I've smoked since I quit taking pills and picked up the pipe has been Flo. It's been a year and I haven't had a seizure yet.”

  • “I really enjoy Flo. Being a Sativa-head, I find myself naturally inclined to select Sativa, or Sativa-dominant, strains. I ended up picking Flo by accident since the dispensary was out of Bruce Banner, my original selection. Flo didn't let me down. In flower form, this strain smells like candy. It's the sweetest smelling strain I've come across - so sweet, you'd think the trichomes were actually grannules of sugar. ...”

  • “Wow, my left breast was diagnosed a couple months ago with breast cancer. Flo has me feeling better than I have in the two months. What a relief, my body is relaxed. I did not realize how much tension I have been holding. The future looks better and easier at the moment. Wow.”

  • “I can't help it, I really love this bud!!! Makes me very chatty and bubbly. A very happy, jolly high you shall have. Great spicy smell and taste included in this meal deal!! Go with the flo...”

  • “Goggles on. Air tank attached. Flippers secure. And jump! You splash into the water. Engulfed as it surrounds your body. As the immersion settles in, you find your bearings. There seems to be something curvy in the middle of the ocean right there. You start swimming towards it. Hmm... it seems to be a little bit harder to move than you remember it being not under the influence of water pressure, but it's not impossib...”

  • “A lucid, happy high unlike I've ever experienced before. The high was strong but not overwhelming. It didn't cloud or even slow my thoughts but energized them and granted them a clarity I would otherwise have to put more effort into to attain. Sort of like a calmer but just as energizing adderall high. I wouldn't say the flower prompted the <i>most</i> creative or revelatory thoughts and feeling; rather, it greatly...”

  • “• theraplant's Colorado Flo—>Chem Dawg x Flo • Flavor, aroma, smoke are 💣in this thc-25% tasty + energizing, BEAUTY sativa 🌺 with purple calyxes • • This is so "light" in so many ways!.. from the easy smoke to the very manageable euphoria + buzz.. as well as productivity-enhancing, mood-lifting & boosting... very go with the flow-y! • 5 ⭐️ 💣🌺 • Recommend to one & all! • 👌🏻✌🏽•”

  • “Flo OG is similar but both strains are absolutely amazing for my anxiety and pain all in one. Taste is good/great. Nothing I would get tired of.... ever. Always have some of this in my stash!”