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OG Ringo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “• Presently vaping CT Pharmaceutical Solutions' oil cartridge OG Ringo with (in mg) T-64/CBD-202. Usually I add this on to the end of a medicating-sesh @ times of extraordinary pain from recent spinal fusion. For a veteran, this-alone would provide only physical relief, not a mentally-fun head-high in which we may be in search.. 👽 A newbie may find this a perfect way to enter the mmj-community! 👌🏻 Lovely, very mel...”

  • “This is my is my holy grail strain, it my absolute favorite. If grown in optimal and ideal conditions, this strain is phenomenal. A good yielder and of some of the best OG Kush u will ever find. Grown properly this is the best og kush I have ever had, hands down. The potency is off the charts, she consistently hits nearly 28%thc and over 1%cbd. Best kush on the planet, when grown and flushed properly.. Its a MUST tr...”

  • “I smoke for pain relief and because I enjoy getting high. This strain has enough CBD and a lot of THC so I get both things that I enjoy. If you see this buy it”

  • “Very aromatic buds, one of the smoothest smokes I've had. The taste is great and without a harsh after taste. Depending on the bowl size you load, the high lasts for 3 hours or so and sparks creativity and euphoria. Very mellow comedown that just relaxes the whole body and makes me ready to sleep. Get it from Sunburstbud if you can, there's is top quality.”

  • “Extremely extremely low high with this strain, smoked 3 bowls back to back and furthest I got was a relaxed body high with a clear mind. Normally ANR has absolute top notch stuff but will have to say this was a major bummer strain. Would probably only recommend for patients that need mild pain control, I would compare it to taking an Advil...”

  • “As a medical patient with PTSD, this strain is a godsend. I picked up a cartridge of it, it has a very citrus-like taste to it. This is a review of Interra Oils Pure cartridge Within a minute I could feel it calming me down, and putting my head in a relaxed state. This strain is more on the medical side, as it has relatively higher amounts of CBD (pain relief) and CBG (wonderful for glaucoma, insomnia, anxiety). D...”

  • “definitely picking up more, love this”

  • “I've smoked a few different strains and this (smoked it for the first time last night) is so far my favorite so far. The description is fairly accurate with the testes I got out of it. The stuff I have it's outdoor grown and even for outdoor stuff out I took some of the smoothest hits I've ever taken. The effects creep up on you and hit you in full force out of no where. It made me really happy and talkative followed...”