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Pineapple Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Prep @ 16:20, smokes amazing. Really nice aroma, flavor is quite intense, very dense buds, I'd say Pinapple Kush is definitely more of a head high than it is body, being a Sativa dominant I expected such. Was surprised and quite happy to find that about 15 min later I realized that I was both up, completely worry/care free, giddy and happy. The body high also allowed me to feel quite relaxed at the same time. Intense...”

  • “This is by far one of my favorite strains. The high is incredible - it is the perfect balance of a head and body high. I've found this to be the most effective strain for managing my chronic pain and epilepsy. I didn't have any seizures when I was smoking this, which was quite impressive. Most strains don't take away my pain completely, but significantly help and this was the one that took it away. My anxiety wasn't ...”

  • “I took 4 hits and I was gone. I smoked this and started to feel it right away. I started to do stuff around the house very good head high everything was slow mo. then when I was done I laid down to chill. This was the best body high. I thought I was in a massage chair. my new favorite”

  • “With a vape, this shit tastes good and gets you mad stoned, but personally I like this strain during summertime and rolling it up in pineapple White Owls. its like smoking a pina colada, incredidank”

  • “I'm all about the cerebral high and this one here is that and then some. I've been baked a good two and half hours now. And don't feel like I'm coming down anytime soon. Plus there is a nice relaxed feel to my body. Putting this one on my list for sure.”

  • “Perfect for my needs. Combating chronic fatigue and depression associated with SLE Lupus. Felt great today for the first time in years I am happy.”

  • “This is the best smelling and tasting bud I've ever smoked. Bravo to the creator of this strain. I get a little stupid high on it but it's always a good time. Verrrrry euphoric.”

  • “I used to be able to outsmoke almost anyone...solo smoke a blunt and go to work kind of smoker. And then I had a bad acid trip that resulted in CRAZY anxiety. I couldn't hardly handle a high, couldn't be around anyone while high, and it led to me quitting weed overall. A year later, I started weaning myself back into smoking. And I LOVE Pineapple Kush. Granted, it's not a very stony weed, but I have literally ...”