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Snow Lotus Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is my daily go-to Herb - relieves pain, lifts up the spirit, allows for clarity and focus, and provides energy and motivation to take care of the daily stuff around the house. Causes ZERO stress/anxiety/paranoia, an issue which I have had in the past with other strains. My only complaint is that my sources supply is not consistent, I sometimes have to wait weeks before I can get access. I'd love to get some be...”

  • “Nice pungent aroma, fuelie funk, woodsy citrus, and man, it's loud!! Nice and smooth smoked in my simple bubbler, earthy taste, great mouth feel, smooth on the inhale and exhale. Hits pretty quick, cerebral for an Indica dominant strain, I'm feeling pretty creative, but really relaxed too. The nugs were tight, compact, really dense and covers in crystal.”

  • “Snow Lotus is probably my new favorite strain for medicinal purposes, especially anxiety. I’ve suffered from severe anxiety & depression rooting from both genetics as well as PTSD for the entirety of my adult life. This has been so helpful in gently but swiftly calming my anxiety & lifting me out of depression without sedating me. I feel like myself finally, without constantly finding something to worry about or both...”

  • “Woody taste and good mouth feeling. Good body buzz with a euphoric high. My morning smoke for the weekend during morning errands as it allows clarity and creativity without being super high. No paranoid feeling. A happy state of mind.”

  • “Emerald Burnability 10 Do not disrespect this flower She takes care to be undressed and should be blazed a bong Cloud Density 11 An extra point for its extra viscose cloud which disperses slower than radioactive gas leak Rate of Change 11 An extra point for the immediate change You won't even know you're high”

  • “Also called "Goohead" (which I prefer because it's funnier sounding), this indica-leaning hybrid is a less potent cannabis that's great for relaxing or getting some rest. It has a sweetish fruity aroma and flavor, not overly strong and sweet like Strawberry Cough or Blueberry, but pretty mellow tasting. It tends to be calming and relaxing in small doses, and can make you sleepy in larger doses (it's mostly indica). A...”

  • “• I was extremely excited to try this newbie after reading such extreme reviews! Quite true that aroma, flavor, taste are strangely generic-earthy/woodsy, albeit the faint undertones are definitely afgooey and mild. It's an easy-to-smoke, strangely gentle body buzz & euphoric high — also easy to see why it's in so many folks' Top 3 Faves + medi-cine cab-mainstay, most especially for long'timers. Highly recommend; 4.5...”

  • “I love this strain it's a kick I'm pretty new to everything and this kicks my ass lovely strain”