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Living in a state that legalized recreational cannabis has granted many new perspectives on the plant. Considering I have been smoking for over 25 years with the majority of that time consisting of being handed bud with no strain name. Even if there was a name thrown at you when buying a bag it was not considered legit. In one ear out the other taking little notice of the difference of the high from one bad to another. So I'll admit something once considered a passionate habit that caused great troubles for me as a teenager has turned me into a passionate scholar on cannabis. One thing that has come up is that indicas work better with my personality type. Also realized that sativas make me have to pee a lot at night if I smoke them later in the day..Love them both just had to observe the buzz of each flower in order to gauge a proper time. That is responsible me, but really with herb anytime is the right time. Never have I had an issue with any side effects being too strong doing anything anywhere I have ever been. And I have been high for 25 years give or take a breather where I was probably high on something else. You got it, LIFE =) Whoa, pulling myself back to subject there are some strains that cause a claustrophobic type feeling. Nothing severe or intense, if anything boring, which is not why I get high. Medicating is a whole other story. Tangerine helped me learn that there are strains out there with a great balanced buzz. As a fan of many hybrids most being more dominant to one end or the other it is only a few that tow the line. For example, White Widow another being Gorilla Glue #4 strangely Raspberry Kush made the list. Unbalanced buzz's with a strong body and head high competing like a speedball in your veins. If that reference meant nothing keep it that way. Tangerine is the perfect teeter-totter of light on your feet indica meets down to earth sativa. At the beginning of the high there is a perfect mesh of a not heavy relaxed feeling with an active mind offering a little motivation. Also at times inspiration with a creative edge. The closest I have come to balanced perfection, but can not necessarily claim to be a hybrid. A 4th generation inbred CH9 Aroma which makes me wonder if the hybridization factor plays part in making for a better blended buzz. My assumption is that it does play a big part and so folks should def check out Tangerine if looking for this. And even if you don't give a crap about any of that the taste is super yummy =)
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