5th Element Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “super clean taste and high. pleasure to smoke, will buy again. super focused effects”

  • “Earthy sweet taste, with a smooth draw, this strain had me feeling amazing! Melted my muscle tensions and anxiety while not producing any negative mental effects. A heavy hitting relaxer for this one so best use would be in the evening. Overall, very lovely strain.”

  • “This strain in concentrate form tastes very earthy and has a hash like resin taste at the end. Concentrate was shatter and it was taken with a large snake like dab. It delivers a hell of an Indica effect to it, it's alright.”

  • “Found a frosty fruity berry pheno with no herms after 3 rounds. Great OG funk under the sweetness and all OG on exhale. Great mid-end of day smoke to get the stress moving out.”

  • “Really good strain”

  • “another I have been looking for.”

  • “Sweet, strong strain. High THC contents and a good mix of cerebral/bodily effects”

  • “O finally I see it on her. It taste like sweet sage, earthy flowery taste. It has a lot of blackberry kush pheno on mine. But it had a thicker smoke. I liked it to smoke but not enough to do it again. It euphoria, makes you lazy, helped pain, and my depression. More Indica traits with blackberry kush flavors.”