5th Element Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Earthy sweet taste, with a smooth draw, this strain had me feeling amazing! Melted my muscle tensions and anxiety while not producing any negative mental effects. A heavy hitting relaxer for this one so best use would be in the evening. Overall, very lovely strain.”

  • “super clean taste and high. pleasure to smoke, will buy again. super focused effects”

  • “LEELU MULTIPASS Anyways I was stoaked to see this strain hit my local dispensaries shelf. I'm the kind of person who tries as many strains as possible and rarely gets the same one twice. I am absolutely loving this indica buzz, for awhile I have been enjoying Sativa's. All indica buzz's felt alike to me for sehile”

  • “Amazing in every way. Focused, relaxed, motivated. The Fifth Element (1997).”

  • “This strain in concentrate form tastes very earthy and has a hash like resin taste at the end. Concentrate was shatter and it was taken with a large snake like dab. It delivers a hell of an Indica effect to it, it's alright.”

  • “Found a frosty fruity berry pheno with no herms after 3 rounds. Great OG funk under the sweetness and all OG on exhale. Great mid-end of day smoke to get the stress moving out.”

  • “Oh! This sticky, dense understated looking nugget that is so potent I'm impressed. Feels very tingly, cerebral, and therapeutic - seriously, it's almost like a nice body massage. Im feeling this one. This is a heavy high so be prepared...yep. It's that good. 😉”

  • “5th Elements frequency is definitely one that will take you to other planetary dimensions. It subtle flavor is reminiscent of roasted pine nuts. Quickly it detaches your mind from the spinal column and by that point you should be ready for a journey of intergalactic proportions. Bong recommended for deep interstellar journeying.”