Afghani Bullrider Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I seldom find this strain on the shelf but when I do😀. This is a great strain for pain in my opinion. It left me feeling happy and care free. Uplifting and clear headed high.”

  • “Experience: Relaxing body heavy high. Physically calming. Mainly physical high, mentally clear. Good for bedtime smoking Usage: Great for sleeping, watching movies and cuddling in bed. Be in a comfortable place before smoking. Look/Feel: Bright to lime green buds, dense, plenty of small crystals, many orange- red hairs. Smell: Citrusy, slightky skunky, dank. Taste/Smoke: Spicy-floral, nutty, slightly-bitter coffee. H...”

  • “My favorite Indica right now. Allows me to feel nice body buzz without completely "couching me".”

  • “Love this strain if I want to be a little giddy and talkative and not to mention coming up with a million trippy ideas to take over the world. :)”

  • “This is probably the best AFGHANI strain that I have ever tried. Not even the powerful hybrid, X97 x AFGHAN KUSH, couldnt match with the BULLRIDER”

  • “Lots of orange hairs is accompanied by light green and yellow buds with a myriad of cream colored crystals. Excellent smell. A mixture of fruity, sour, and piny scents. Overall reminiscent of a very intense sour smelling candy. Nice Taste intense mixture of head and body high. Eyelids become heavy and cognitive skills slow. An excellent sedative, analgesic effect.”

  • “Fun ride no pun intended. AB hits behind the eyes and slows your body way down, but keeps your mind active and energetic. Quite nice.”

  • “couch locked”