Afghan Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I was really surprised with this strain. I expected a big body high, but I actually felt a lot of energy after a few hits only. It also helped me a lot to take away my headache and stress from work. I would say it felt more like an hybrid to me. Perfect to smoke right after work to get a little kick, but not meanwhile cause I couldn't concentrate at all ! Very good weed overall for a good price ( 35usd/oz) in Mexico.”

  • “HIGH CBD LOW THC STRAIN REVIEW Excellent pain relief, antiinflammatory, and quick relief from muscle spasms. Moderately potent sedative effect, this high CBD strain is great for bedtime.”

  • “Really in love with this strain at the moment. Bugs are dark, dense and full of resin. Tastes and smells like the Himalayas, pine forests, earth, grass, fresh and with a strong citrus note. Effects are a great mellow indica high, no couch lock but a nice floaty relaxation. Made me want to eat everything in the house. Would buy again”

  • “Very intense cerebral high. I found it's most intense if I'm just relaxing before bed and watching TV. Don't really get the munchies with this strain, usually end up just tripping out with my eyes closed, which is fine by me! In my top 5 favorite strains though, would 100% recommend!”


  • “Made me feel very motivated and diligent.”

  • “really nice bud....reminds me of when back in the day Kind Bud was like 10 different smells and looks...this is that...Peace! legalize!”

  • “Form: Firebrand concentrates shatter 0.5g Aroma/Taste: You can tell Skunk #1's in this strain. I don't really taste much other than an earthy taste. High: Very sedating for me, normally I have to take benadryl to make me tired, but this strain slowly washes over your body. You feel your eyelids are heavy & then you notice your stomach growling. That was the fastest acting indica I've ever had. Within 5 minutes of dab...”