Afghani CBD Reviews

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  • “This was the second strain I have ever tried, since I'm a new medical patient due to a back injury and nerve pain. There was no high feeling at all from this strain, just a sense of calm and relaxation. It is a lot like Cannatonic yet it leaves me with less of the very sleepy feelings that Cannatonic gave me. It reduces inflammation very quickly, so it helps remove a source of my pain but it doesn't get rid of the ...”

  • “I REALLY like this strain!! My boyfriend and I are new to this, and this was our 3rd strain. Perfect for beginners. I usually get anxious or paranoid, and not even a little bit with this, and for once I smoked more that my little chicken puffs trying to avoid the paranoia. My bf was SUPER extra cute and cuddly, it was adorable. He said it took his headache away last night. It's improved my pain and inflammation from ...”

  • “This is one of my favourite strains. I use it for ADHD and anxiety.”

  • “Afghani CBD is a great strain for pain control and Insomnia. It is a perfect example of an Indica stain. Minutes after consuming; your pain becomes a distant memory, and a nice relaxing and focused couch lock sets in. If you are using this strain for Insomnia I would recommend heading to bed as soon as you begin to feel the effects. I experienced a weird side effect that caused me to become fidgety and itchy if I w...”

  • “Really relaxing bud. Great great grrreat. The CBD content is nice making Afghani weed high both strong and relaxing at the same time. Also side note- from my research, I believe this is a indica/ruderalis hybrid.”

  • “I was very excited about this strain and finally took the jump and got myself a nice little stash from my friends at Tilray. Sweet freshness as soon as I opened the bag, smooth and earthy with grape undertone that made my mouth water. Very mild head high combined with a euphoric relaxing body. Even though the mental high was fairly low I did find myself very distracted and unfocused but it actually made it enjoyabl...”

  • “Disappointed that Tilray no longer carries this strain as it was the only strain that helped my chronic pain.”

  • “Slow onset, but lasting relief for pain, inflammation, and depression. This strain makes me more "giggly" and hits me a little harder than other CBD varieties I have tried. After a few days I'm starting to build up a tolerance to its mild (but pronounced) mental effects but it's definitely worth keeping in my strain rotation. My local dispensary relabeled their variety as "CBD God" with a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio.”