Alien Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked up some shatter! Loved it! Very potent body buzz and awesome heady buzz! Very pretty very tasty! Would absolutely pick this strain up again!!!”

  • “Fantastic aroma, very flavorful, and everything you'd want in a heavy Indica. All over body high-- very relaxing and euphoric. Good amounts of kief to save for pressing, too. Definitely a new favorite to my list.”

  • “I don't know how to review this mind blowing strain. My wife and I tried a 1g full flower, kief, and distillate preroll. We experienced the full spectrum of what one might expect from this blend of Kush. Relaxing and euphoric high, pain gone, and the music sounds divine! As I write this, I should be experiencing my nightly myoclonic epileptic jerks (violent body spasms caused by seizures). Not tonight. Tonight I hav...”

  • “This stuff rocks, for me the euphoria was the best part. Like warm waves rushing through every part of my body. It did give me a slight headache one time, but I did vape quite a bit of it. Still great stuff, would buy again!”

  • “Beautiful aroma, a deep earthy scent with hints of what almost seem to be mint. A very nice "nothing matters" high that doesn't keep you from almost functioning normally. Will smoke again X3”

  • “I'm having a great time. Very deep, spacey high, with deep relaxation to add to it. Excellent for meditation in small doses, but a dreamy thoughtful course to sleep in normal to heavy doses. Smells like a "grapey flowers." I'm having a great time.”

  • “perfect blend of body and head high. pungent smelling and tasting. top 3 of all time for treating ptsd, anxiety and gi issues, next to alien rock candy and magnificent mile/mag landrace/iranian landrace by cresco.”

  • “Just bought some of this tonight. My wife and I used an ice bong with it and had an amazing time. Very powerful and intense high. I'm impressed. The bud smelled kind of like diesel especially when broken up.”