Alpine Star Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This jumped up to my number 1 strain. For someone who has depression I recommend this strain, it is a pick me upper, a mood changer! Great for day time smoking! Great for when you need to get things done! Also, I was sore from a workout, and the soreness from my workout went away while I was medicated! I hope this was helpful for someone! Great strain! Alpine OG”


  • “Not the best strain if you are a regular smoker. Yes, it gives you a light and happy high, but not good enough. A good option would be OG Kush, no doubt.”

  • “This weed not only taste great, it is great and makes for an amazing high”

  • “a personal favourite. helps manage ocd and anxiety like no other. originally purchased from a dispensary in huntington beach, and I've been trying to find it ever since.”

  • “Got this from a local delivery company as a concentrate, shatter to be specific. I was initially told this was a sativa, but I received it so fast before I had to go to work I just took a fat glob and went to work. Man, this stuff is Tahoe OG x Sensi Star and let me tell you the Tahoe OG is very dominant. Great indica though, put me out when I went home later.”

  • “Great for melting away stress and my anxiety. Nice little lift for any depression you may have too. My one and only strain due to near zero negatives. ShowGrow Santa Ana best selection.”

  • “Took a couple dabs of this strain earlier today and it's a nice relaxed high, really good for anxiety”