Ancient OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I had the pleasure of smoking some Ancient Og and fell in love with this strain instantly.. The flavor and high were off the charts! It has a very trippy mild psychadelic edge to the high which I attribute to one half of this strain being of landrace iranian genetics. I personally would just call this strain the ancient because it just isn't og kushy or plain old kushy at all. It has great bag appeal and trich covera...”

  • “Nice mellow high made me feel like I was 1000 years old and made of stone”

  • “Ancient OG is definitely a night time strain. Don't plan on doing anything besides unwinding or having one on one interactions, I do not recommend for group smoking sessions, it can cause an anti-social effect. I've discovered that I tend to repeat words and have no awareness of reality. So sit back, pack a bowl and drift off into your own world away from all your worries and cares.”

  • “Love the taste of this. Very different from OG. It's sweet, kinda tropical punch tasting. Had it in a vaporizer, very smooth and light. Very pleasant smoked or vaped. Effects are potent though! I felt it throughout my body and very couchlocking. This is AMAZING for sleep.”

  • “Very strong bud. Definitely not for starters. This is like a super nova indica that will turn you into a Salvador Dali painting. It comes with waves of electricity that almost neutralize you. and they just get stronger. Intense smell, arm super tasty. An overall exquisite bud, with a diesel-ass punch.”

  • “while the batch I got did little to resemble a kush it was very good smoke. went right to the brain and challenged me to consider it a little differently. I am huge fan of land races and I don't recall partaking in any Persian. Well hats off to the final product. This is not for breakfast or for making new friends. This is for relaxing and nodding off to a special place I can wondernapland. you know how your mind...”

  • “Dabbing on some Ancient OG Shatter, from Badfish Extracts. It's a very heavy indica, that's for sure. Some solid dopey, and euphoric feelings. This fire oil actually put me on the nod. A highly recommended powerful strain for chronic pain, and cancer symptoms.”

  • “Wish this was around more often! Probably 1 of the best OG's out there IMO. It's earthy, leathery with just a but if funk. Bred with a landrace Iranian Indica it's all in the genetics. It's very smooth, had a good flushing albeit, very tasty and dense and also densely covered in sugary tricombs and fragrant oil's. It's great for numbing your body to sleep, appetite stimulation and sleep, say a nightine med but I like...”