Anesthesia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “(afghani x skunk / herijuana) Very potent. 1 hit and wait is advised. Immediate effect is up but will creep into very stoned\high. Not for beginners (can be too instense)”

  • “A friend of mine invited me over to his house to smoke some of this stuff. I never heard of it then, so I wanted to try it. A newbie friend of mine came with me to try this. When we got there, my friend had a 4-hose hookah in the middle of the room with a packed bowl the size of a doorknob. There were only four people there, so we each got a hose to ourselves and he put a coal on the top. About an hour later, we ...”

  • “You better not go outside on this shit. Trust me bro dont do it”

  • “My wife knows what's up when I pull out my jar of anesthesia. Time for some lovin. Don't think too hard on this though, fill your time with productive stuff, whether it's in the bedroom or out on a hike.”

  • “Intense. Not for beginners. So high. No pain. No stress.”

  • “Picked this one up at a "resource" center in Medford, Ore. Visually a very pretty flower. Very high calyx to leaf ratio which is always great to see. The smell isnt as strong as i think it can be, so a bit more curing would have been appreciated. I am a heavy 10+ year daily smoker, my tolerance is disgusting. But this stuff is Thick. One medium sized bowl (3 hits) get me pretty tired fast, in the middle of the day...”

  • “one of the best sleep strains I've tried. munchies are manageable, and it puts me OUT. considering I have PTSD and normally wake up every 45-90 min even on other heavy indica strains, getting a solid 4+ hours in a row with this is phenomenal. last night after smoking this, my partner told me that my cat was laying on my stomach meowing super loudly for over 10 minutes and I was so fast asleep that I didn't even notic...”