Angel OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is the perfect definition of an indica! I'm obsessed with laying back, relaxing, and smoking a bowl of this. It has a fruity, sweet & potent smell with a smooth, thick cloud. Completely relaxed and feeling at peace, ready to fade off to sleep.”

  • “This strain is gray for a afternoon Chillin with music or with friends🔥🔥”

  • “The previous strain purchase I just so happened to dabble with was "Jesus OG" 👼 As a moderate/regularish smoker, I couldn't deny that it didn't take long till I found myself with a "holy high, high" ... I instantly noticed these OGs had risen to new heights. Such a potent high even the can't stop, won't pass, Snoop Dogg level, broke burnout wold endorse this. Shortly after though, I ran into Alien OG. Yes, the...”

  • “very relaxing and wonderful high.”

  • “Want to try this one to relieve my chronic pain. Inquire at Seven Point about this one.”

  • “you where w43 you? atx?”

  • “I smoke the wax of this shit and this it some flames!!! Got me floating in my bed watching basketball games, and after a hour and a half you can barely keep your keeps open. Would recommend for smoking at night for sure, but it's still good for a chilling smoke.”

  • “Nice relaxing high. Almost pushes you into your couch high 😂 10/10”