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Black Diamond Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I'm bipolar and this is the best strain I've ever had for relief. Here is why: It feels like a cap is put on my head and doesn't allow my thoughts to spin out of control. I took it last night for mania and I finally was able to calm down and relax. It also has a perfect mix of able to move and able to chill. Everything is light and fun. You're clear headed but you will still forget what you went into the kitchen to...”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains still and i get it whenever possible. This strain is one of those magical strains that just seems to cure all ailments without any negative side effects. It also feels the best out of any strain and the high is a real treat. It has an excellent body high similar to that of blackberry kush but its on a whole other level. Its strong but not overwhelming, almost similar to an opiate hi...”

  • “this is the B E S T strain for women with endometriosis, or just regular women with normal cramps. Fire”

  • “This strain has a delightful rich mango and berry smell, candy taste with nutty after-tones. Heavy couchlock and intense muscle relaxation. Surprisingly functional for an indica and helps with focus, making it a good daytime strain. Colors stand out, food tastes really good, and your friends suddenly become funny. Definitely one of my favorite strains.”

  • “Total knock out. Great diesel smell with a floral fuel taste. Nice stony weed and is sure to please. Good for any occasion but work.”

  • “This strain is 100% indica, grown to perfection, buds are purple and completely covered in trichomes, has a very unique aroma and flavor, truly hard to describe. Black Diamond Kush is the perfect night time indica to alleviate Gas Pain and increase appetite. Also provides a very relaxing, chill, mellow high. This one causes the couch lock effect, very euphoric and cerebral for an indica :)”

  • “This strain is great, extremely strong indica. This strain is very smooth, I had no coughing what so ever with this. This is one of the strongest strains I have ever had, there is no negatives I experience with this strain. I would like to use this strain with Louis C.K or Zack Galifinakis; however, I would not like to use this strain with Kevin Hart or Dane Cook. Not saying any of these comedians are bad but I would...”

  • “I really really liked this stuff. I'm usually a CBD guy and don't do well with high THC, but I found some of this at 17%. I love Indica and tend to stay away from Sativa and energetic, but this stuff reminded me of phantom cookies which worked out real well for me. Took it with me to play some pokemon go in the park with some friends. No back pain, fairly interactive, all in all really enjoyed it. Picked up an 8th...”