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Brandywine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice strong indica. Relaxed and sleepy but still pleasantly conversational.”

  • “Super relaxing. Crushes my muscle spasms and migraines”

  • “Brandywine has a really good taste and smooth. A little on the weak side for me but I still love it just for the taste and the effect. I will use it more for a day smoke. I tried it because it said the effects were like Grandaddy Purple strain (I have been wanting to try that & still haven't yet).The effects were very mellow and relaxed without feeling like you wanted to sleep. Took away all the pain and headache. De...”

  • “Doc and yeti grew some really yummy brandywine. Smells like candy, hops, and a hint of skunk. Looks frosty, feathery, full bright neon green frosty nugs with neon red hairs. Taste comes out like aroma with skunk translated to hints of wood and chemical (like strawberry cough crossed with gods gift). The effects are that imitating a glass of wine. Very relaxed in body all over and a serious slight happiness that was i...”

  • “Smells and tastes amazing too. I meant to put that in my first review. But I'm high 😁”

  • “Brandywine....Pink Champagne (aka Phantom) which is GDP x Cherry Pie crossed with Grandpas Breath (GDP x Tahoe OGKush) basically GDP is predominant on both sides of the cross however the 2 other strains ( Tahoe OGK and Pink C) are the _ish of this concoction. Phantom is super euphoric,and TahoeOGK is what sends Brandywine into the sky. My 1/8th is actually really Tahoe OGK dominant. Strong Strong skunky, has...”

  • “Brandywine is one of my favorite indica strains I love how stress free it makes you feel it is one of the great must try”

  • “Flavorful Fire 🔥”