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Bubba OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow! What a heavy indica. This had me ridiculously baked to the point of struggling to function. An amazing indica. I smoking at around 10:30 and by 12:30 I was completely knocked. I woke up at 7am to get a drink and was still baked. Highly recommended to smoke at night or if you have nothing to do. Doesn't hit you straight up, the high sneaks up on you.”

  • “This strain is pretty good, if your paying more then $20 a G your getting punk'd. This strain is pretty strong and the effects kick in pretty quick, it gives you that total body relaxation (not mind high, more of a psyhical high). Perfect for those getting off work late and looking to mellow out after a stessful day at the office. Great strain for beginning/ intermediate smokers suffering from Anxiety, Stress and or ...”

  • “I couldn't stop smiling after smoking this one! Love it.”

  • “My absolute favorite. BOG reduces my pain as much as 50%. It helped my mood a lot. It does make me sleepy so I use it towards the end of my day. I have Fibromyalgia (Class 5 severity), Osteoarthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 3 Degenerative Disk and Bone disorders. I'm in constant pain (most of in my back). Marijuana in general has worked better for me than the 3 morphine, 1-2 anti-inflammatory, 1-2 muscle relaxer...”

  • “I feel nice... Smoked a blunt girl farms 1g. pre-roll, a grower I personally recommend. If you find yourself in western Oregon, you can usually find Blunt Girls, and it's usually quite good ( Their black licorice was the best single pre-roll, without added concentrate, I've had the pleasure of smoking). Anyway, woke, and baked, 25 minutes in, and I am super chilled, clear headed, no fog, but distinctly loaded... I lo...”

  • “Clear minded but soft feeling. Like moving your head through a cloud. Vision is slightly delayed and softly blurred, but colors are extremely vivid and pleasant. Very narrow field of focus. VERY relaxing body high. Makes my whole body feel like when you wake up perfectly rested and stretching feels soooo good! Touch also feels amazing. Makes your skin tingle and twitch with excitement. Seems to have a rosier di...”

  • “I like older strains. this one is good to cook with as well, as an oil for sure or oil canna caps . No couch lock (pure indica?), lets you think and motivate, no self control loss at low dose, helps with pain (nicely), up lift level is good, you can even focus on the net or games. then a sleepiness after a long while. pain reduce to about 5 hour time. dear leafly, need to add to Consumption Method= edibles”

  • “🍯..CANNA-HONEY by Clean Concentrates: Pooh Bear Approved! I LOVE this Arizona Pure Organic SHATTER Honey & I enjoy it Everyday! Subtle, Medicinal, Gentle, Potent. Crystally, Delicious & Fast-Acting.. 11 STAR Medible HERE!! Assists with my Chronic Fatigue/Pain, Arthritis inflamation & Anxiety😍 Verrry Uplifting!..Yummy in my Morning coffee. I also medicate by drinking Bubba Shatter Tea throughout the day..HELLO!.....”