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Northern Lights #5 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “WOW! Now I know what people mean when they say "top shelf". It has taken me about 20 minutes to write this review. NOT FOR A BEGINNER!!!!!”

  • “Wow! This strain rocks! I've smoked it in an enclosed area as well as outdoors in nature. Both times I had a blast! I was researching about something, and decided to have a puff. I immediately felt intrigued and motivated about the topic I was researching; I felt focused, uplifted, creative, and passionate about what I was doing. I also smoked this on the beach and outdoors in the forest. It was an awesome ...”

  • “I am still pretty new to using marijuana for medical purposes. I have a hard time finding products that do not cause difficult negative effects along with the positive. Some help my pain, but make my anxiety go off the charts, others calm me, but don’t help my pain. But this strain has changed EVERYTHING for me! It makes my pain melt away, I feel happy and light hearted and my anxiety disappears. Plus, despite being...”

  • “This has to be on of the best Strains I have ever had. This sweet, and potent, flavour takes care of my ADHD/OCD & chronic pain with ease. Leaving my mind to it's creative and scientific vices with an astute focus that is, so far; paralleled by None. Northern Lights #5 is definitely a Strain to be reckoned with...”

  • “Good ol' Northen Lights #5. One of my personal favorites merely because of taste. Sooo Sooo Unique. Very nice head high with an accompanying body high. Lit up a bowl tonight and remembered why I loved it so much. Stimulates creativity very nicely! If you ever see a nice batch of NL #5 GET IT. Thats all I have to say.”

  • “Purchased this strain from the Cresco Yeltrah (CY) dispensary in Butler, PA. This was listed as a "Reserve" strain on their menu and cost $15 more than the other 500 mg CO2 cartridges. I hesitated initially due in large part to the price difference. My line of reasoning was, "How much better could this strain really be?", and "Is it really worth a nearly 20% premium when this stuff is already expensive enough?" Brass...”

  • “Vaped about 300 mg. Nice kind of citrus earthy smell. Add a hint of cool pine and you got the taste, smooth almost all the way to the end. *Excellent pain relief, and on a day it was most needed*. Nice indica head effects, kind of day-dreamy in a comedic kind of way. Melted into a tub of hot water and listened to music while my thoughts floated away and my body pain dissolved into the bath. Some moments, music was ...”

  • “mm dank smelling, sweet pine, flowery, and a bit oaky! Packed 1/2 a bowl and I couldn't even finish, first hit got me high... very light and smooth smoke. Hits heavy, be safe when using this strain. Tastes like sweet pine, flowers, and mineral/dirt. Helped my tendon pain 5/5, dislocated ribs 4/5, neuropathy 5/5, scar tissue pain 2/5, inflammation 5/5, and I felt super chill 5/5, however it hasn't helped with mental a...”