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Platinum OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This shit gets you ripped fast. 1 big bong rip and 1 was high. A full bowl and I was heavily medicated -(Higher then smoking 3.5gs of the mid grade most people in my area smoke) I smoked 3gs out the bong and I was extremely high! (I didn't remember anything I did during the time I peaked) This is one the best strains I have smoked. Very powerful. It hits very fast. Very intense peak. It felt more like a hybrid t...”

  • “Heavy indica yet still has the activeness of sativa”

  • “Tastes like hell, hits like HEAVEN. The high was immediate and intense. Head feels so heavy it's like someone's tipping it back to baptize you. I was so chill it felt like I was asleep the entire time. Great pain reliever. Hit it hard enough and you'll forget you even have a body. Amazing.”

  • “Just tried a Private Reserve indoor version of this strain from our collective here in San Diego and it is the first strain to truly and properly take away all the pain and stiffness in my upper body (20+ years of fibromyalgia) as well as in my S1 hip joint where I had a microdiscectomy 7 years ago.and still have a bulging disc. This worked better than taking a any pill (I've tried them all) and it actually didn't kn...”

  • “I love the way the platinum og kush calms me down and gives me that nice head buzz. I recommend!”

  • “Highest THC content of any local plant in Colorado Springs. Indica label but feels like a heavy Sativa. My go-to. From Pure Intentions Wellness Center.”

  • “This has been my boyfriend's favorite strain lately & helps with his bi-polar. It smells good, looks amazing, & taste great.”

  • “I don't know what some of the other reviewers are smoking, but it ain't Platinum OG. This stuff tastes & smells NOTHING like "diesel, coffee, or earthy"…the best description would be more like a slightly cedar-ish hops flavor, very clean on the inhale, easy on the lungs. The flowers are tight chysanthenum-like nuggets, with few leaves. Flower time is about 10 weeks, and it's a slow vegger, too.”