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Presidential OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Only 2-3 vapes at bedtime, and my insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and tinnitus all goes away. Sleeping better than I have in years now.”

  • “Had surgery recently, and was getting sick of all the side effects from the pain killers. Started smoking this strain - and WOW! No pain, feeling detached from the discomfort of it all. Can't say enough about this strain - has been amazing!!!”

  • “Location: L'Eagle THC: 20.45% Additional Notes: Never have had this strain before and I was pumped to try it. Appearance Rating: 4.00 Appearance Description: The buds are very dense and are covered in trichromes. They have orange, light brownish hairs and are a lime green color. Manicure was on point as expected. These look very nice, but there was just something about them that didn't get me excited. Taste Rat...”

  • “A must have for anyone suffering from migraine headache. This will ease the pain and help you get the sleep you need to escape to because of the pain. I always keep Presidential OG on hand for my head pain, you should to.”

  • “Started watching lord of the rings.But realized half way through I was watching my best friends wedding. Common with this strain.”

  • “Looks amazing. Bud structure is near perfect. Lime green nugs with plenty of frost.”

  • “Get ready for bed and blast .25g and go right to bed. Sleeeeeeep ~**~ :)”

  • “Never tried this strain before and I'm smoking it right now. first off this is some of the loudest weed I've ever smelled, dealer came thru and I instantly smelled the weed on him from 5 feet away. it gives off a earthy, sweet, and spicy smell, the bud is very dense with alot of crystals and vibrant colour. and second this makes you feel relaxed af with a little couchlock too but not enough to where you couldn't ge...”