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Stephen Hawking Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My favorite strain by far. I've often compared it to waking up, getting laid, taking a hot shower and then finding $20. It's super.”

  • “I am new to Cannabis so take that into consideration when reading this review. I purchased this as a concentrate in a little vape pen called a JuJu. I really like this strain. The effects on me are that it provides a very mellow high and totally relaxes me. I medicate with Cannabis for PTSD, Anxiety and Insomnia The high last about 1.5 to 2 hours and then once the high is gone, my thinking is very calm and clear....”

  • “But it didn't make it any easier to do my physics homework...”

  • “I don't smoke alot of high CBD strains but a friend of mine has been growing this for a few people lately and with how fire his plants looked I had to try some. First off the buds are beautiful fluffy multi colored nugs of greens, pinks, and purples, frosty white trichomes cover every inch of this stuff. It smells quite sweet and tastes quite a bit like it smells kinda like minty, black cherry, with maybe a little e...”

  • “I LOVE THIS STRAIN! I have never had a strain that will leave you so focused and relaxed at the same time! This is a go to strain for playing video games, watching movies, chores, hiking etc! It doesn't leave you couch locked but instead it gives you quite the opposite effect. It gave me a boost of energy and made me want to be active! I highly recommend this strain!”

  • “SHK yields dense, resinous buds that overpower the olfactory upon ripening and then again after a good 20-day cure. It's effect is mellow and soothing. It won't transport you to the ethereal like a good sativa, but it will erase the very memory of pain and make amenable the most ornery dispositions. And it gets nice purple highlights around day 40. Combined with a sativa ripper, the secret of the golden flower just m...”

  • “I asked Buddy Boy Brands (CO) for a Bipolar-Depression, anxiety, and carpel tunnel cure-all. I've smoked SHK twice now and I'm really liking it. No paranoia (b/c low THC) and pain & migraine ease (b/c high CBD). Lasted 2.5 hours. I went on a walk, laid on a bench and watched the clouds. Very mellow start, calming, transitions to focus and uplifted-ness. Very clear high. No couch-lock.”

  • “This is my first real take on rhis strain as I decided to go beyond my comfortable baked zone. So there is definitly pain relief and a definite fog on the brain, you will react slowly. Sleeping is weird. I wanted to but noises kept waking me up. I have PTSD so the flashbacks and reactions stopped but the emotional was still there. My nervous twitches were still happening even though I was chill. It's very complicated...”