Leafly Lab Partners

Consumers are looking for cannabis products they can trust.

Whether it’s the profile of a strain or its effects, the cannabis market can be confusing to navigate. And while cannabis testing labs have been put in place for this purpose, there have been widespread reports of inflated and misleading data.

In a world full of misinformation and confusion, we stay committed to facts, truths, and the needs of our consumers.

If you are a licensed cannabis testing facility, contact us at labs@leafly.com. Let’s talk about how we can partner to reimagine strains with lab-sourced data.








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How does Leafly choose its lab partners?

Leafly uses a multi-phase evaluation process and a combination of factors when partnering with labs. Among the things we look for are: What cannabinoids and terpenes are being measured and how do measurements compare to what is observed in other labs and the scientific literature?

How do the lab data apply to various batches and growers? Don’t these factors play into strain effects, too?

Chemical makeup plays a crucial role in the potential effects of a given strain. While these can vary by producer, Leafly’s lab partnership provides an aggregated view into what the most common profile for a given strain looks like when sourcing strains from multiple producers. Sometimes strains are highly consistent across growers, and sometimes distinct “chemotypes” (chemical varieties) are made by different growers under the same strain name. Wherever possible, Leafly will surface this information to consumers on its strain pages to help them make informed cannabis decisions.

If a lab is not listed as a Leafly partner, does that mean they are not a trustworthy lab?

No. There are many cannabis testing labs in every region with legal access to cannabis. Integration efforts are labor-intensive and due to technical constraints we can’t always integrate with labs as quickly or widely as we would like. Be sure to check back from time to time as we continue to onboard new partners.