The Leafly Guide to Cannabis in Quebec

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Last updated Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cannabis home grow is prohibited in Quebec, Canada

What can you grow?

Nothing, unfortunately. While the federal Cannabis Act allows adults to cultivate up to four plants per residence, the province of Quebec is prohibiting home cultivation within its boundaries. Private possession of more than 150 grams is not permitted.

What’s the tax rate?

Canada’s federal government has proposed a cannabis excise tax across each province/territory of 10 per cent of the product price, or $1 per gram, whichever is higher. The federal government will hand over 75% of excise tax revenue to provinces for the first two years after legalization.

Sales tax rates of 5-15% may be applied by each individual province in addition to the federal excise tax. (Further details are forthcoming.)

What happens to medical cannabis?

Nothing. Canada’s medical cannabis system remains exactly as it was prior to October 17, 2018.

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