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Know Quebec’s rules and regulations

Learn everything you need to know about the rules, regulations, and culture of cannabis in Quebec.

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Cannabis rules and regulations in Quebec

Cannabis is legal for adult use across Canada, but the details vary between provinces, municipalities, and cities. Here’s what you need to know about buying, possessing, and consuming cannabis in Quebec, the province with Canada’s strictest cannabis regulations:

Possessing and consuming cannabis in Quebec

  • You must be 21 years or older to possess or purchase cannabis in Quebec, or to be admitted into an SQDC store
  • You cannot smoke or vape cannabis in any public place, whether indoor or outdoor
  • You can possess up to 150g of cannabis; if you stash your weed in multiple residences, the 150g total still applies across all houses
  • In a private residence, the possession limit is 150g no matter how many adults of legal age live there
  • You may not possess cannabis in the following places: the grounds, premises or buildings of preschools, childcare centres or daycares, elementary and secondary institutions, vocational schools, college-level educational institutions or detention centres
  • You may not possess cannabis on the premises or buildings of universities, with the exception of student dorms
  • You must store your cannabis safely and in a place that’s not easily accessed by minors
  • If you run a home daycare or “family-type resource” from your home, you must keep all cannabis under lock

Buying cannabis in Quebec

30g is the maximum amount of cannabis you can buy at the SQDC on a single trip

  • If your behaviour is “altered by drugs or alcohol” you can’t buy cannabis at an SQDC; same if you’re buying for someone else who is clearly not sober
  • In Quebec you can buy: dried cannabis flower (bud), cannabis oil, cannabis resin (hash), cannabis extracts, beverages, and savoury cannabis edibles; cannabis-infused sweets, desserts, pre-filled vaporizers, and topicals are not available
  • In Quebec, beverages can contain a maximum 5mg of THC (compared with a federal max of 10mg), and can’t be mixed with substances designed to disguise the taste or colour of cannabis

Where can you buy cannabis in Quebec?

Legal cannabis in Quebec is sold through the province’s government retailer, the Société Québécoise du Cannabis, or SQDC, which offers both online and in-store sales. There are currently 18 SQDC stores across the province, stretching from Gatineau in the west to Grande-Rivière in the east.

Growing cannabis in Quebec

  • Cultivating cannabis for personal use is completely prohibited
  • Possessing cannabis plants is also prohibited

*In September, 2019, The Superior Court of Canada deemed these growing restrictions to be unconstitutional, and currently the legality of growing at home in Quebec is the subject of an ongoing legal debate.

Cannabis and driving in Quebec

  • Quebec has a zero tolerance policy: it is prohibited to drive as long as there is “a detectable presence of cannabis or other drug” in your saliva

For a full list of regulations—and the fines for breaking them—see Quebec’s Cannabis Regulation Act.