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Refreshing cannabis-infused beverages to celebrate Canada Day

Looking to enjoy a refreshing, infused beverage this Canada Day? Look no further than these 10 tasty options, in a variety of doses and flavours. These products are sure to please those new to cannabis beverages, as well as those more experienced with edibles. 

Whether you’re looking for a cola-inspired beverage, an iced tea, or something truly unique, the flavour profiles of these beverages will hit the spot. No matter which bevvy you choose to celebrate with, make sure it’s chilled well for the best tasting experience, and always consume responsibly.

Deep Space

Deep Space cannabis-infused carbonated beverage

By: Deep Space

Dose: 10 mg THC, >1 mg CBD

Deep Space is a deep, dark, and “mysteriously flavoured” carbonated cannabis beverage. This infused drink is just about as close as you can get to a traditional cola flavour, but with an added buzz. Keep in mind that it does have a bit of an energy drink aftertaste.

With 10 mg of THC content per 222 mL can, it’s perfect for a chill celebration at home or with friends. 

Bakerstreet and Ginger

Bakerstreet and Ginger cannabis-infused carbonated beverage

By: Tweed

Dose: 2 mg THC, 0-1 mg CBD

Tweed’s Bakerstreet & Ginger is a lower dose, sweet treat that is crisp and clean. The carbonated beverage combines Bakerstreet distilled cannabis with ginger ale and other ingredients for a refreshing cannabis experience with 2 mg of THC and 0-1 mg of CBD in each 355 mL can.

Mango Passionfruit CBD

Everie mango passionfruit CBD beverage

By: Everie

Dose: 10 mg CBD

For those looking for a refreshingly fruity option, Everie Mango Passionfruit CBD boasts a delicious balance of tart fruit flavours with just a touch of sweetness. Enjoy it chilled well or over ice for the best experience.

Each 269 mL can contains 10 mg of CBD. It’s also available in dragonfruit + watermelon flavour, as well as a lemon-lime option.

Grapefruit Sparkling Water

Houseplant cannabis-infused grapefruit sparkling water

By: Houseplant

Dose: 2.5 mg THC

Ideal for those who enjoy the bubbly refreshment of sparkling water drinks such as Bubly or La Croix, Houseplant Grapefruit Sparkling is delicious over ice and contains a gentle 2.5 mg of THC in each 355 mL can that’s perfect for users of all experience levels. Also available in a lemon flavour.

Lemon Black Iced Tea

Verywell cannabis-infused lemon black iced tea

By: Veryvell

Dose: 2.5 mg THC, 2.5 mg CBD

High tea, anyone? Veryvell Lemon Black Iced Tea features a subtle hint of lemon combined with the refreshing taste of iced black tea. The 1:1 ratio makes this an ideal sipper for summer backyard get-togethers when you want to relax just a bit. The balanced CBD:THC profile is ideal for those new to infused beverages. 

Valencene and Sparkling Tonic

By: House of Terpenes

Dose: 5 mg THC, 5 mg CBD

Valencene and Sparkling Tonic is a 1:1 beverage that combines the tart, citrus flavours of grapefruit with a zing of ginger, and perfectly balances them alongside the earthy notes of sage and the mild sweetness of hops. Best served over ice with a twist of grapefruit, it’s perfect for those looking to explore new flavours. Also available in limonene and myrcene flavours.

Blueberry Acai Sparkling Water

Quatreau cannabis-infused blueberry acai beverage

By: Quatreau

Dose: 2 mg THC, 2 mg CBD

Quatreau blueberry acai features a balanced ratio of 1:1 THC and CBD, both in 2 mg amounts. It’s naturally flavoured, if you’re concerned about that sort of thing, and is suitable for relaxing events. Also available in cucumber + mint (20 mg CBD), passionfruit + guava (20 mg CBD), and ginger + lime (2 mg THC 2 mg CBD). 

Hopped Maple Fusion

By: Sofa Beverages

Dose: 5 mg THC, 10 mg CBD

Nothing says Canada like the delicious taste of maple, and that’s just what this beverage brings to the party. Each 355 mL can contains a burst of maple and lingering hop notes. Enjoy this sparkling beverage chilled well or over ice.

Acai Retreat

By: Field Trip

Dose: 2 mg THC, 20 mg CBD

Acai Retreat by Field Trip is less of a sipper and more of a shooter at only 60 mL. The flavour shot is a blend of acai berry, pomegranate, blueberry, ginger, honey, and green tea, and contains a 1:10 ratio of THC:CBD.

Peace No. 150 Tea

By: Haven St.

Dose: 15 – 20 mg CBD

Peace No. 150 Tea by Haven St. is delicious hot or iced. If you’re looking to keep your celebrations a little more subdued this year, Peace Tea is just the ticket. Each sachet contains 15 – 20 mg of CBD, in a delicious decaffeinated green tea blend. It features flavours of cherry and peach along with subtle hints of rose and jasmine.

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